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A Divine Path

Sun Nov 8, 2015, 12:46 PM

Bloom had fully healed; physically anyway, she still had nightmares every night and still worried about running across the wrong wolf in Aryn that might blame her for everything that happened during the war. Now that she was healed, she had to prepare herself for getting run out, infact she was expecting it weeks ago. Athena and Alcatraz had become mates and Athena was obviously having puppies soon. Why would she want a trouble maker like her wandering around her pups?

Avoiding pretty much any eye contact with wolves, she moved through pack area in search of Athena. Figuring she'd be hanging around her den, she sought there first. She could only hope she ran into the Alpha female and not any other wolf--Charaka for example. Exhaling softly, she had to remember what Alexandro said, not all wolves were like Charaka and didn't really hold her accountable for what happened. Still, her nerves in her belly quivered anxiously as she neared the den area and spotted the black alpha female resting in front of it.

Nearing closer to the Alpha female, Bloom crouched down with tail tucked between her hind legs. Eyes shining with fear and anxiety she approached Athena and lied down on the ground a few tail lengths away. Enough room to scamper away if the pregnant female didn't want her nearby. How to begin? "A-Athena.." Bloom flinched, she was a shell of what she once was. Her confidence had taken a beating these past few seasons.. "Alpha Athena," she corrected herself, "W-would you mind if I had a word with you?"


Athena lifted her head at the address, grey eyes soft as she realized a very frightened looking Bloom was standing nearby. Raising an eyebrow, the Alpha sat up somewhat stiffly. She was carrying Aryn's next generation, which these days left her strangely calm. War was over, and they were rebuilding. "Bloom, certainly."

Rising to her feet, Athena stretched and then motioned toward the nearby woodland. "You're looking better these days. What would you like to talk about?"


As Athena sat up, forest green eyes fell to her swollen belly. Feeling a painful twang her heart, Bloom's face looked more somber than usual. There was still no sign of her Mother. Never wanting to face the conclusion that her Mother was probably dead, but she knew one day she had to accept the possibility she was never going to see Winema again.

When Athena rose to her paws, Bloom stood up awkwardly, her tail still tucked submissively. After gesturing toward the woodland, Bloom followed along side the other female, keeping her head parallel with her body. After speaking about how she looked better, she wanted say how she wished she could feel better, but didn't. "Thanks," was all she could say, thanks to Aryn's Clerics Bloom had not died of blood loss or infection. However, most of the thanks went to Alcatraz. She'd have died without him holding back Rhaegan and staunching the blood flow til they could get back to Aryn. Shaking herself from her memories, she realized there was a long awkward silence between Athena's question and her last response.

"I..I was..wondering when did I need to leave Aryn? I've been healthy for a while now.. So, I couldn't help but be a bit surprised that I was chased off.. Bu-but, I can leave whenever you want!" She replied quickly.


The walk helped to clear Athena's head, chasing off her drowsy thoughts and granting her the focus she needed for the conversation at hand. She had not spoken to Bloom much since the terrible event that had led them to war. The young wolf was nearly killed by Rhaegan, and in truth Athena felt she carried much of the blame for that. Letting the brute stay had been a risk she failed to properly asses, and it had cost many wolves their lives.

Winema remained missing, and Blutwald not longer even existed. That had never been part of Athena's plan, when she first took Bloom captive for thieving. But at least the girl was still alive. Athena was glad, for she felt she and Aryn owed Bloom at least that much.

Her question gave Athena pause, and she was quiet for a moment, thinking how to reply. Blooms status remained undefined. She had been a prisoner, and then a patient, and now... she was neither. "You are free to leave whenever it suits you." The Lady answered, "But Rhaegan's whereabouts remain unknown, and it is doubtful that he has given up the hunt for you. Aryn may remain your sanctuary... for as long as you see fit."

This was practically an invitation to join the pack, and offer that surprised no one as much as Athena herself. But what she come to know of Bloom in all the months of captivity had made her sure that, though far from perfect, Bloom was no more malicious than the next wolf. The time for restitution was long past. They needed to rebuild with opened hearts and minds.


Probably just as startled, if not more startled was Bloom. Athena was inviting her to stay within Aryn? Rhaegan was still out there.. Even if he had managed to kill her mom, would he stop at that? Her tail curled beside herself, looking around nervously. No, Rhaegan wouldn't be here. He probably figured he killed her. Sitting back on her haunches, Bloom looked down at her paws. Could she really stay here? Blutwald was gone and her family was gone. Maybe Aryn could be her new home?

"I..I'd like to stay if I could? Blutwald is gone and I don't know if my mom survived.." Clenching her jaw, she fidgeted her paws against the ground. Trying her best to hold it together, to not allow her emotions to grab hold of her. It was hard though..  "I..I won't cause any trouble, Alpha Athena.. I promise." Raising her green eyes to the female.


"I believe you." She replied. "And I welcome you as a Sister of Aryn." Athena had been unsure how Bloom would take the invitation, but was relieved that the girl did not take it with offense or disdain. Some of Aryn might find Athena's decision distasteful, but they had thought keeping Bloom in the first place was distasteful as well, and in the end, it was Athena's call to make. She did not feel the need to defend her choice as she had in the days and weeks leading up to that terrible battle. It was a tough burden to bear, but she knew how to shoulder the weight now.

"It has been... a difficult path, that we've walked. Even now, the ground beneath us remains uncertain. But time heals most wounds, perhaps someday you will reclaim your homeland..." Athena mused, "When Aryn was lost to me I certainly did not expect to see it's revival, yet here we are. And many who I thought forever parted from found their Path home once again."


Being still quite surprised how welcoming Athena was, Bloom tilted her head curiously at her. Unable to help herself, she questioned, "W-why are you being so forgiving to me? Your pack could've been lost.." She whispered, though in heart she really didn't believe it. Since Stallion left Blutwald was at a decline ever since. "Well, no..I don't think it could've been. But, still! I caused a huge problem for you..don't get me wrong I am glad you aren't kicking me out," 'Because I wouldn't know where to go anyway,' she thought.


They had reached the place Athena intended them to, and she took a seat atop Warden's Watch. Aryn stretched out beneath them, miles of thick rolling woodland and bountiful plains, and beyond both, great snowy mountains. Surveying in silence for a time, Athena thought about Bloom's question.

Why was she? Certainly it seemed out of character. Bloom's trespass had been unforgivable in Athena's eyes. Despite many dissenting views, she had pressed on in keeping the young she-wolf captive. But Athena had not had the perspective then which she had now. With everything said and done, it was easier to see the motives of her rivals, it was easier to blame herself for the part she'd had in bringing the two packs to war.

But Athena was determined not to let the guilt overwhelm her. That was the route she had taken when Old Aryn fell, and it did not avail her in any way. She'd made the best choice she possibly could in the circumstances. Penance had been made, it was a new day, and it was time to move on.

How to explain all this, though? With a deep sigh, Athena turned her gaze back upon Bloom, a gentle smile on her face. "The Grace of the One forgives many things. His path is clear to me now."


Sitting down beside the black alpha female, Bloom stared over the vast expanse of the territory. It was beautiful. The cold wind brushed against her fur, some golden leaves fell around them. Autumn was in full swing and soon Winter would grip the world. Hmph. How time flies, she'd just turned a year old and now things have changed all around her. In the silence between the two she-wolves, Bloom took this time to examine the expanse before her.

In the distance she could just make out the mountains of the Blutwald territory. The world was so wide, her nostrils flared as the wind brought in the scent from the borders and crisp autumn leaves. When Athena spoke, she turned to look at her meeting her eyes. "The One?" She inquired; she'd heard whispers around the pack about this One, but never really had the need to ask. However, now that she is joining Aryn..perhaps she should.

"Who is the One?" Blutwald never believed in any kind of being. They believed in themselves and family. The seasons changed and they celebrated it.


Athena blinked, "I suppose... you wouldn't have heard much about Him, would you?" Flicking an ear back, the Lady nodded. "He is just that, the One. Our creator, God, and protector. Aryn has served the Great Spirit since the first songs, or so our stories say. We obey His tenants, follow His path, and know that no matter our faults and failures, He waits with open paw to bring us to His side."

"I fear I am a poor example of the Great Spirit's Grace." Smiling briefly, she glanced at her feet, "But that is... the simplest explanation. Father Mordecai could answer you more pointedly."


"Father Mordecai?" Tilting her head curiously, but then she remember he was the old wolf, a Great Vicar who knew all about Aryn's religion. "I..I guess I will seek out Father Mordecai then, so I to better serve my new pack." Her voice was tired, and her eyes kept drifting off to the distance. Her heart ached for her family and the friends that were long gone. With a mental shake, she had to remember she could make friends here too. Alexandro and Vasilis.

In the distance she heard the screech of a falcon. It was circling around an area in the distance, at the far end of Aryn territory. Strange though, she could've sworn that screech of that falcon... sounded familiar...

Original skin by SimplySilent | BG from Tumana-stock
Now recovered from Rhaegan's attack, Bloom comes to Athena to assure her she wants no trouble and can leave in a moment. Athena surprises Bloom by offering her sanctuary, and a permanent home with Aryn. She encourages Bloom not to give up on her family, and reminds her that even though she has lost much, she may not have lost it forever. When questioned as to her motives, the Lady states that the One's will is clearer to her now, believing it is time to rebuild rather than allow the past to taint the present.

I'm really glad these two aren't at odds anymore ;w;

-:DOTW:- Bloom Ref by SeleneTheWerewolf Athena - DotW Application by WynBird
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Wildfire-Tama Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2015
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She's doing better now than she was during the stalemate, that's for sure! XDD I'm really glad Bloom is sticking around Aryn!
Kikkatar Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2015
...? Char doesn't hold Bloom accountable for what happened though?
WynBird Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Maybe she and Bloom should have a talk about it then and clear the air? xDD
Kikkatar Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2015
Aye but I thought we had already done that.
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Yey! Mending roads to a happier future! :dummy: :huggle:
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