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    When he came to, it was daylight. And Fenrir was tied to a tree, staring into the face of a very angry looking Nord. She had night-black hair, tangled, and pine green eyes, bloodshot. She looked like she hadn’t slept in a week. Though the girl was beautiful and young - not possibly past her mid-twenties, she was not exactly the most comfortable person to wake up being glared at.

“Is he awake?”

Fenrir’s eyes darted to the figure behind the girl, the one who must have spoken. Now that they were up close, Fenrir could better appreciate the Nord’s build. He was tall and muscular, with dark hair and black war paint on his eyes that made them appear bruised. He wore wolf armor. Companion armor. Uh-oh.

“Aye, Vilkas. And if he doesn’t cooperate, he’s going to regret opening his eyes.”

The elf fixed his attention back on the girl, frowning at her threatening remark. “I’m guessing I’ve done something to upset you?”

Done something!?”” Vilkas moved forward, his hand on his sword. The girl held an arm up to keep the warrior back. Fenrir wasn’t impressed by the gesture, but Vilkas seemed to have enough respect for her to hold himself back. At least, physically. His remark was still critical and brusque, “Äne, he knows perfectly well what he’s done! How dare he act like a fool!”

“Vilkas”, Äne said forcefully, “Do you not respect my leadership enough to trust that seek restitution for this outrage?” From the quiver in her voice, Fenrir could believe she was telling the truth. He also got the feeling the two warriors had had similar conversations like this, before.

Vilkas recoiled as if her words stung, “Forgive me Harbinger. I spoke out of turn.”

Wait, Harbinger? Fenrir’s eyes narrowed. This girl was the Harbinger of the Companions? What kind of madness had possessed Kodlak for him to name her his heir? She was either way too easy to underestimate or a good enough liar to have deceived the most discerning man in Skyrim. Fenrir wasn’t sure which one he’d prefer was true. 

Äne accepted her shield-brother’s apology with a slight nod. Then she honed in on Fenrir. “So, are you a thief? A spy? A murderer? ...All three?”

“You went to all this trouble to capture me and you don’t even know what I am?”, the elf scoffed. Perhaps he wasn’t in the best position to speak so freely, but since he had no clue what they were accusing him of stealing, spying, or murdering, he doubted even the meekest response would grant him an ounce of sympathy.

The Harbinger’s eye’s narrowed, “Don’t play games with me, Bosmer. Is Farkas alive?”


She seemed to be considering breaking his nose. The electricity in her eyes made Fenrir wonder if she wasn’t as well controlled as he’d previously believed. “Vilkas’s twin.”, she explained, “My… shield-brother.” Whatever Äne had been about to call Farkas, Fenrir was certain it hadn’t been “shield-brother.” He pretended not to notice.

Intrigued, Fenrir risked a question. “He’s missing?”

It was clear Vilkas wanted to say something brutish, but Äne didn’t acknowledge her comrade’s clear irritation. Pacing back and forth in front of Fenrir, she explained, “Yes, for some weeks now. He left to investigate rumors of a marauding gang in the Rift, and didn’t come back. Two days ago, we received this note.” Äne pulled out a tightly rolled scroll from the her satchel on the ground and held it up with a flair, as if trying to impress upon Fenrir that she knew he had seen it before. “A ransom, demanding I turn myself in if I wanted Farkas freed.”

Fenrir scowled, “You think I’m a member of these… what, mercenaries? Why? Because I’m a wood elf?”

“You’ve been trailing us since sunset. You would have me believe it’s coincidence?”

“Right, I would have no reason to wonder what you were up to, wandering around the Rift in the middle of the night.”

There was a moment of silence as they studied each other, sizing up the force of each other’s will. Fenrir didn’t like how Äne’s feral green eyes seemed to stare right through him. Being blind on his left side, it was harder for him to achieve such an intimidating look.

Fenrir grew tired of the silence relatively quickly, and was the first to speak, “Look, even if I was some Silver Hand who had it out for you and your shield-siblings-”

“I said nothing about the Silver Hand.”, Äne’s eyes narrowed, “What do you know of our feud with them, Bosmer?”

“My name is Fenrir.”

Tell us what you know.”

Fenrir sighed, “I know they’re werewolf hunters… mostly they keep to themselves, stay away from decent folk. For some reason, they don’t like you very much. I think I’m beginning to understand why.”

Her fist rammed into his face, hard. He wasn’t entirely surprised by the response, but the force of the impact caught him off guard. For a moment, his vision went black when the Harbinger’s knuckles collided with the middle of his face. He could taste blood. She was definitely stronger than she looked. The dragonhide gauntlets Äne wore didn’t exactly soften the blow, either. 

The rage he felt at being treated so roughly was tempered by his better sense. If he lost control now, he might as well be signing his own death warrant. If living in the wilds had taught him anything, it was patience. “I’m... not a Silver Hand, if that’s what you’re thinking”, he managed to snarl, blood trickling from his nose and lower lip. Nothing could be farther from the truth, he almost added, but held himself back.

Vilkas treated their ears to several choice words that Fenrir decided it would smarter not to respond to. He glared up at Äne, “Look, I’m no friend to whoever took your shield-brother. I promise.” 

“What is the promise of a mer like you worth?”, Äne asked.

Fenrir met her gaze, “I doubt anything will make it worth much to you. If you’ve already decided I’m the enemy, there’s no way for me to make you my friend.”

The Harbinger’s eyebrows narrowed, “… Indeed.”

Somewhere in the distance, a wolf howled. From the pitch, the elf recognized the call as a summons. Fenrir also noticed that both of the Companions seemed to grow suddenly more on edge. Äne cast Vilkas a meaningful look. He gave Fenrir one more angry glare, before turning and vanishing into the forest, hand on his sword hilt. Fenrir could hear the heavy-armored footsteps clanking through the underbrush long after Vilkas was gone. It was clear the man knew nothing about stealth. It must have been the girl who had taken Fenrir by surprise. He felt his pride smart at the thought.

Äne didn’t seem inclined to make any kind of conversation in the absence of her friend.   She kept her eyes trained on Fenrir, no motion going unnoticed.

Fenrir decided now might be his best chance to escape. Even if Äne was a superior warrior, all  he had to do was transform into his Wolf form and he was home free. No man or mer could match the speed of a werewolf. And rope binds were useless against the primeval strength of any werebeast. “You think the Silver Hand are behind you’re friend’s disappearance?”, he asked, hoping to make her lower her guard.

“You tell me”, Äne retorted.

Fenrir rolled his eyes, “Alright, humor me. Before you masterfully deduced that I’m a werewolf hunter who has it out for your guild and wants you dead… were the Silver Hand the only group you suspected?”

“...No.” Äne answered carefully. “In fact, I didn’t believe the Silver Hand were behind it at all.”

“Why not?”

“None of the activities matched the Silver Hand I knew when Kodlak was Harbinger. They don’t plan kidnappings - they don’t take prisoners. They certainly don’t send ransom letters. But that doesn’t mean I will pretend they could never be behind it.”

“I guess not. Who else could it have been?”

“Certainly not common bandits. Ruffians aren’t smart enough to do anything like this.”

“Your Farkas is one man. I group of bandits-”

“Would still never be a match for him!”, Äne snarled. “You did not know him.”

“Fine”, Fenrir straightened his back against the tree and tried to roll his shoulders. His hands were falling asleep after so long in binds. Plus, the blood from his nose and lip had dried now, and it was beginning to bother him. “What about the Forsworn?”

“In the Rift? Don’t be ridiculous.”

“You’re the one who didn’t want to cancel out any possibilities.” 

“And you’re the one who’s being interrogated, not me”, Äne reminded him, though perhaps with less of an edge to her voice than she would have had before.

“Okay. Imperial soldiers then.” Fenrir had meant it to be another ridiculous accusation. The Companion’s were known to all of Tamriel as a guild of neutral warriors, sworn against mixing themselves up in political affairs, except when the word of the Harbinger was sought out for an unbiased opinion. The Imperial legion would have no reason to want anything to do with the guild. Besides, it would be hard enough for a group of soldiers to enter Skyrim, now that the Fatherland had broken away from the Empire thanks to Ulfric’s civil war. But apparently Äne had been seriously considering the possibility.

“Why not send the ransom to Ulfric directly? That’s what I keep asking myself…”

Fenrir raised an eyebrow, “What does the High King have to do with anything?”

“You’re not very well informed”, Äne pointed out bluntly.

A woodpecker’s rapid pounding echoed through the forest. Äne’s gaze flittered to the direction of the sound, as if it might conceal a threat. Then she seemed to check herself, and with an untroubled gaze that Fenrir noticed was forced, the Harbinger sat down cross legged and let her hands rest on top of her knees.

Now!, thought Fenrir, abandoning his self-control and letting the beast within loose. His auburn hair rippled and spread down his body, darkening to a black chestnut as it went. Pain exploded from his chest as his ribcage, heart, and lungs expanded, and his fingers stung like he’d reached into burning coals as his fingernails morphed into grotesque black claws. His spine elongated, and and thick tail coiled out behind him. His ears began to rise up along his head as his jaw snapped out of place and stretched into a sharp-fanged maw like that of a wolf. A savage roar erupted from his throat as all of his senses sharpened and the thick three-strand ropes that had held him snapped like they were made of twine.

He shook his body out of of the limp strands and rose to his full height before casting a wild glare at where Äne stood. Fenrir now towered over the Nord war-maiden. She had not drawn her sword. Though she looked surprised, he could smell no fear on her. It didn’t matter, they would never cross paths again; Fenrir was free. He leapt towards the thickest area of the woods, where men could not easily follow. 

His one good mahogany-red eye saw more in beast form, even by itself, and his reaction speed was unmatched as adrenaline flooded his system, making it easy for him to move at breakneck pace through the undergrowth. Call it arrogance, but Fenrir was certain he was no longer in danger. He didn’t bother to look back for signs of pursuit, which is why he didn’t anticipate the sudden, jarring impact that struck him like a bear from his blind side. 

He felt claws dig into his hide. They had to be claws, they were too sharp to be arrows, and too well placed. He kicked hard with his hind legs and tried to spin around, but the momentum of his attacker sent them both catapulting through the dirt. He roared, trying to figure out what was fighting him. He could make out black fur and the scent of wolf. Slashing indiscriminately, his claws hit the other beast somewhere close to its bone, and it recoiled. Its weight removed, Fenrir leapt to his feet, fangs bared. Crouching on all-fours before him was another werewolf, one that he recognized with a shock of disbelief and horror. 

Her fur was night-black, her eyes were a feral green. 

“I don't know half of you half as well as I should like; and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve.” ― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring

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I've decided to post some fan fiction of my character Änwin Ravencaller and a friend of mine's character, Fenrir. I'd really love some feedback, as I'm always up for improving my writing skills.

It follows an enigmatic Wood Elf hunter, a young Harbinger, and an irascible Imperial officer as they struggle to reconcile their differences. If they can get that far, they might just manage to thwart a Thalmor plot to overthrow Skyrim - and in effect, all of Cyrodiil - from within.

Companions spoilers WILL be present, as by this time Änwin is already Harbinger.
EDIT: Changed the title. "Friend or Foe" fit better for the second part.

Änwin © Wynbird
Fenrir © "Fenrir"
Skyrim © Bethesda
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This is a great start to a chapter series. You have conveyed Fenrir's character's thoughts clearly.

I only saw one drawback to this work; as I have not read anything about Fenrir before or played the companion quests, I wasn't sure who/or what he was or what he looked like. I would try and add those descriptions earlier in the game as you did with Vilkas and Ane.

Your characters are strong and I saw no evidence any typecasting. Dialogue was excellent and I saw no typos or grammar issues.

This was an enjoyable, fast-paced read and I look forward to reading more of your work.
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Sage2013 Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2013  Hobbyist
Very well done, definitely a very interesting story :) *moves on to read more* :P
WynBird Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
:la: YOU LEFT ME A COMMENT!!!!1!!!12!!!
Haha, glad you like it! This is one of my older stories, there are definitely some things I want to go back and fix. :P
Sage2013 Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2013  Hobbyist
lol of course I left you a comment, and that's always good to think, either way though reading your older work is a nice way of being able to see how you've changed as a person :P also its a really good read :P
WynBird Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I suppose I have changed quite a bit since I wrote this. xD Glad you think it's a good read!
kayly101 Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oohhh love the intensity of the situation. A member of the Companions is missing and the talk of Silverhands, the tension in Jorrvaskr must be thick. Interesting turn of the events in Skyrim too. The High King (le gasp) lol
Hands down, love your take on the wolf transformation! Seriously, gave me a chill. Beautiful <3 Mainly due to the part where the power of the Wolfblood has a price to pay. Cant imagine the transformation be easy but nicely done

Wonderful story! <3 You wouldnt happen to have any pictures of your character Fenrir, do you?
WynBird Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Aww, thank you so much! This comment really made my day! ♥ It was fun to play around with post-game Skyrim. I always wondered how my character would handle being Harbinger, and what would happen to the country after the rebellion. I'm really glad you enjoyed it. :meow:

Fenrir is actually a friend of mine's character, who gave me permission to use him in the story. We'd spent so much time coming up with little scenes and stories if our characters ever teamed up, I couldn't help actually coming up with a fic where they met for the first time. Unfortunately I don't have any really good images of Fenrir at the moment. There are these "screenshots", but they're a bit fuzzy: [link] | [link] And I drew this, but of course it doesn't do him justice: [link]
kayly101 Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
My pleasure ^^ Sorry, Im taking a little more interest in Fenrir since I can understand his character more better. Not to mention his dialog is pretty sweet. With Anwin its a little harder for me to follow since I picture the Harbinger to be the Alpha of the pack, young and beautiful doesnt sound that intimidating. lol but then again she kinda does remind me of one of the great Harbingers Macke XD Guilty pleasure. Dont get me wrong, girl power and all but theres so many stories with with gorgeous, seemingly innocent, deadly girls that kick ass and its fine. is totally refreshing to read about a thief in a tight situation, having to struggle a bit before setting their self free. Its amazing how you gave such interesting how you gave them such intriguing story lines. Also for keeping the intensity of the situation running strong. Looking forward to continuing reading <3 Woo!
btw Thanks for the links!!
WynBird Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Haha, no need to be sorry! I'm partial to Fenrir myself. There's just something about roguish, handsome mer-wolfs, eh? XD
I don't know if you noticed, but this story hasn't been updated for a while. Once I started writing, it became apparent that there were some issues with the basic outline that needed to be fixed before continuing. Äne's character is one of the things that needs a little TLC. I didn't like how stereotypical she was/is. You're right though, Äne is very like Macke! Nice catch there!
I want to get the next few chapters through Bards College group, and then see to reviving the story. =)
Lesliewifeofbath Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
I got this one:)
FeralFan2012 Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2013
Arrrghh, why do I keep reading these fanfics based around companions/Farkas... they're spinning around in my head and I can't remember wich things belongs to wich fanfic... Anyways this is awesome :iconyeahplz:
WynBird Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
They are a popular subject matter. xD
Haha, thank you!
WraythSkitzifrenik Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Psh. Silly Bosmer. Thinking to escape so easily.

More importantly, WHERE'S FARKAS???
WynBird Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Silly Bosmer indeed. :iconseriousnodplz:
Where is Farkas? THAT MY FRIEND IS AN EXCELLENT QUESTION. :iconcannotevenplz:
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